The Value of Transparency

In recent years, the limousine industry has been hit hard by ride-sharing companies since 2007. This hasn't stopped us from fine tuning our approaches and methods and the customized ways in which we offer our services. Take for example, the steady and unchanging rates of our company, Famous Limousine Service, based out of Winchester, Virginia. The company's owner, Landon Maddox, insists on complete transparency when marketing either by the company's website, or when quoting a customer on the phone. This valuable philosophy has allowed the company to weather and adapt to the ever changing world of luxury transportation.  As Mr. Maddox states, "I want my company's pricing front and center in all of my marketing approaches, both online and offline. I want to make sure my customers know there are no hidden fees and what they are quoted is exactly what they will pay for."

There are some luxury limousine owners that agree. In an article published by the Washington Post,Kristina Bouweiri, president and CEO of Reston Limousine, stresses the need for transparency and hopes other combined approaches will offset the impact of the Uber ride-share phenomenon.

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Although there are still challenges that face our industry, Famous Limo will continue to provide safe, affordable, and hassle free transportation services spanning the greater Shenandoah Valley.

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